Release - Beta 11: Thermostat and more

This is a large release with a lot of features requested by the community. Enjoy!
The rollout will start now and will continue over the next several days.

Dashboard swipe

One of the most requested features is finally here (idea)!
With swipe available now, edit dashboard trigger is moved to a gear icon in the page bar corner.

Thermostat widget

Brand new thermostat widget with new UI design and improved integrations.

There is a large variety of thermostats available on the market, so there is possibility that some models don’t work fully. Please report these issues, so we can quickly address it.

Gauge widget

Several additions to Gauge widget:

  • thresholds (idea, idea)
  • customizable range configuration (idea)
  • linear style
  • label is now optional

Weather widget

Widget has new layouts available that are more flexible and allow for missing elements, such as no condition icon. Also widget now supports freeform condition text when condition id is not available.

More widget changes

  • MJPEG stream and snapshot support for Camera and Room widgets (bug)
  • Customizable icon in Sensor widget (idea)
  • Additional themes added for Map widget
  • Ability to request desktop site in Web widget (idea)
  • Support for trigger mode in Shutter widget to allow support of trigger-based garage door setup (discussion)


Home Assistant
  • New: Proximity component integration
  • New: Better camera component integration
  • Fix: Cover components without position not working as a shutter
  • Fix: Toggle play/pause state on media state is fixed
  • New: Image item integration for Camera, Room, and Media widgets
  • New: Support for OpenWeatherMap conditions (bug)
  • Fix: Some items are missing when trying to bind in Action and Scene widgets
  • Fix: Item transformed state is used when bound to Value widget (bug)

Following Domoticz integrations are added in this release:

  • Any sensor such as contact, motion, light, dusk, soil moisture and more
  • Locks
  • Trigger buttons
  • Logitech Media Server
  • P1 Smart Meter
  • Support for door and motion sensors

Other improvements

  • Ability to search in Icon, Item, and Application pickers
  • Support for modern SSL protocols and ciphers on Android 4.4

Follow-up bug fix release:

  • Weather condition from YR component in Home Assistant breaks when state is set to a text value
  • Weather summary from Dark Sky Sensor component in Home Assistant doesn’t show condition icon
  • Humidity attribute from Wink thermostat devices is not processed correctly
  • Thermostat humidity attribute should be bindable to Gauge widget

The rollout of Beta 11 release is still going on, should be done within a day or two.