Reinstalled HH but import doesnt show dashboards

I just exported my HH config, deleted HH, reinstalled it, then imported the config. I still see the ‘Add Dashboard’ first page, but when I am told to upgrade. Sure enough, remote edit confirms the dashboards are there. I killed and restarted the app but that didnt help.

config start is:

  "platforms": [
      "id": "ihvlf31ngdow1nm14s8j4rtjp",
      "name": "Home Assistant",
      "type": "hass",
      "url": "",
      "remoteUrl": null,
      "localAccessPoint": "ASUS-drb",
      "enabled": true
  "dashboards": [
      "id": "1x3k5bx7ix7z41wardgtcjrnsp",
      "name": "Home",
      "rows": 4,
      "columns": 6,
      "backdropUri": null,
      "pages": [
          "label": "Home",
          "icon": "home",
          "widgets": [

This is a Fire tablet.

What do you see in navigation menu?

What happens when you select “Home” dashboard in the menu?

Everything springs to life. :slight_smile: Never thought to try that. Thanks.

Great. It is a bug regardless, it should ideally pre-select if dashboard is available.

Absolutely. But glad I don’t need to recreate everything again.
Hopefully an easy fix for you.

Fixed for the next release.

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