Refreshing widgets after waking up the screen and camera preview time

Hello, I have connected a camera to Domoticz and I would like the camera preview to be activated in HomeHabit after pressing the doorbell button. For this purpose, I added a virtual switch (Button 1) that will trigger the “show camera” rule. The problem is that the image from the camera appears with a delay. I checked two scenarios, the recordings of which are attached below.

Scenario 1. When the screensaver in HomeHabit is active and I interrupt the screensaver with an external application, the desktop with loaded widgets immediately appears. Unfortunately, the status of the bell button does not refresh and the camera preview does not appear immediately.

Scenario 2. When the screen is turned off and I turn on the screen with an external application, the desktop appears and the status of all widgets and camera images are refreshed. Then the camera preview is started on the entire screen. All this means that the camera preview also turns on with a delay.

Would it be possible to configure it so that when the screen is turned on or the screen saver is turned off, the status of only selected widgets is refreshed, not all of them?

The second thing is the camera viewing time. The preview stops before the “hide camera” rule is triggered after approximately 10 seconds. This is visible in the recording when a gray frame remains on the screen. Is it possible to extend the camera preview time? Home habbit sees camera from Domoticz in the “Snapshot URL” parameter, there is no device in the video URL parameter.

Doorbell with screen off.mp4

Doorbell with screensaver.mp4

I hope you will be able to find a solution and I will complete my smart home project :). Thanks for your work and best regards.