Reconnecting all the time?


I am setting up a HomeAssistant integration to display a simple dashbboard on an elderly person’s phone.

It is using a local URL endpoint and the phone is Samsung Galaxy S5 (old, I know).
Everything works except for the fact that “Disconnected from… Trying to reconnect…” is displayed constantly.
When I go to platform settings the observed behavior is that it’s “Connecting…” for 1-2 seconds, “Connected” for up to a second, and the loop continues.

Do you have any ideas?

unfortunately I´ve the same issue.
The phone is also an older one - htc one m9 with android 7.0

In Home Assistant is some Log Entry regarding the Message:
Login attempt or request with invalid authentication from -> IP Address <-

I´ve double checked the credentials and if the connect is there (just for the few seconds) it does work like a charme…

So again - any ideas? :wink:
Thanks :slight_smile:

Having same issue here on one of three devices. All are connecting to just a Vera controller.

The phone running the software is on version 1.0 Beta 19 (4674) and is not working, constantly reconnecting.

Two tablets are running version 1.0 Beta 19 (4668) and these are working perfectly. These tablets have no internet access so are not upgraded to the latest version which seems to be 4674.

@zharvek Vera reconnecting is a separate issue, which is fixed for the next release (Beta 20). Should be available soon.

Getting the same here, Samsung tablet, Homeassistant (HassIO) 0.103.5

Tablet has strong wifi signal, and i have ran a constant ping to it whilst this occurs, the tablet or HASS does not lose network

I, too, am having the same issue. The app looks to be very good and just what I was looking for, but is unusable specifically because of this issue. If anybody knows how to solve it, please let me know!

Tested on a Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 running a Slim 6.0 Custom ROM.

@RobertoRanieri Happy you like the app! Thank you
Few things about your setup: do you connect using local IP to Home Assistant server or through external URL (e.g. DuckDNS) with or without certificate?

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That’s a… Complicated question haha.

I would be connecting via external url (DuckDns as you said) with a certificate.

However, since my router doesn’t support NAT loopback, I set up a custom DNS server using dnsmasq that resolves the domain I’m using to the local IP.

In short, I put in the external URL, but it actually connects locally.

If it helps at all, i use a local IP, no ssl/cert

Great APP btw, hope to iron these out

@igor, I don’t want to bother you, I’m really sorry. If at all possible, could we have an ETA on the fix?
Since the app is not usable for me, I have to decide wether to wait for the fix or look into other alternatives for my wall setup.

@RobertoRanieri it is hard to give an estimate, since root cause is not known yet.
There is currently work being done on a possibly related fix, that would be in the next pre-release build, but I can’t say for curtain that it will help with this issue.

Having the same issue on an Galaxy Tab A10.1.
Saidly the app is kinda useless now with al the reconnecting…

Any chance of a fix soon?

Same issue. Openhab and HASS on Amazon Fire tablets

@Aaron_Wakefield HASS reconnection issue is something that shouldn’t apply for Openhab, and there were no reports from other Openhab users, so can you provide more details on your Openhab setup: is it local connection? certificates, versions, etc. Also did it start recently?

Local connection over SSL with a lets encrypt cert going through nginx reverse proxy. Been happening for months now.

and what is the version of Fire OS?

I just setup a tablet to test. This one is direct (No NGINX, SSL, or Basic Auth). I will let you know if it does it too.


great, thank you for the update