Interface does not seem to stay in sync with the Openhab current state

In the last couple of weeks I have started having this issue across multiple Amazon Fire tablets. The more annoying part is that the interface does not seem to stay in sync with the Openhab current state. So, like I will set a mode on the tablet and it will fire a rule and turn on a fan or a light. The the scene in the room always seems to revert back on the display to whatever it was before. the fan and light will stay on, but the scene/mode switch will reflect the older state. :frowning:

@Aaron_Wakefield moved this to separate topic since OpenHAB doesn’t the same connection/auth as Home Assistant, so it most likely not related to the other topic.
Which version are you on Beta 19 or 20?

I just walked around and the I have a tablet on 18 which seems to work fine. The 2 that were nearest to me that have the issue are both running 19. I don’t know if I have any running 20. I will upgrade the one nearest to me and see if that changes anything…

–Checked and I cannot upgrade the to 20 on the tablet I mentioned.



Thanks for checking! I will see if something has changed in Beta 19 that might have affected that.