Questings to: Scene Widget, Shutter widget, RSS feed implementation, Units

Hi, I’m new to the Homehabit community and I’m using the beautiful app since some weeks. As my experience with Homehabit is pretty young, I may ask some stupid question and hope the community is willing to help.

My home automation system is OpenHab 3.4. The Homehabit app is the latest 38.2.
I compare the target application in Homehabit with the long used application “HapPanel Viewer” (according to the HabPanel of Openhab) for Android tablets.

Now my questions:

  1. “Scene” Widget
    I have some “Selector” items, like Amazon Echo Playlists or LGWebOS tv channels, which I would like to add to the Homehabit dashboard. If I use the Scene item and link the e.g. Echo Playlist item (String type) it is not possible to click on it. After clicking on the Scene item, the app crashes.

Here is how the items are configured in openhab:
String EchoWohnzimmer_Playlists “EchoWoZi Playlists” {channel=“amazonechocontrol:echo:99f96d292b:G090RF0474830SUC:amazonMusicPlayListId”}
String Kerzen “Kerzen” (EqBeleuchtungWoZi) [“Status”] {channel=“harmonyhub:device:S_Hub:71252910:buttonPress”}
String LGTVWohnzimmer_Application “TV WoZi App” (EqTVWoZi) [“Status”] {channel=“lgwebos:WebOSTV:a8d62a984e:appLauncher”}

  1. Shutter widget
    I’m using this widget and thought, that the middle button will stop moving the shutters, but it is just toggeling the moving direction as far as I detected.

  2. RSS feed implementation
    I tried to add a RSS feed item of Openhab via the “News” widget in Homehabit, but my Openhab item wasn’t found. Is there a short tutorial existing in how to add a RSS feed to Homehabit? Maybe it is not required to have an Openhab item and to add just the RSS address link?

  3. Units
    My items (e.g. Temperature) are indicated with text based units. Is it possible to have the unit symbol instead of the text?
    degrees = °C and percent = %

Because, as a new user, I’m only able to upload one media file to in this post, I added all related parts in one picture:

A big thank you in advance for your support.

Could you take a look at my request? I would be happy to get some information.
Thank you

@Marcaay Sure, somehow I completely missed this post :expressionless:
I will read through and respond.

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@Marcaay Responses are below. Thanks for making such detailed post.

Are you specifying options in Scene widget configuration that correspond to EchoWohnzimmer_Playlists states?

Stop operation is not supported for OpenHAB integration at this time, so yes, it would just toggle direction in that case. OpenHAB is the oldest integration, so it is a complex task to add support for it with large amount of rework, so I’m not sure when it could be added.

For News widget you can use a direct RSS integration where you can enter one or more RSS URLs. After you add RSS integration in Integrations screen, items should be available in News widget configuration.

That’s not possible at the moment.

@igor Thank you for your responses. My comments also below.

No I didn’t. Compared to the Openhab viewer, I was just adding the widget and linked it to the string item. The difference could be the setting in the picture 1) I will translate: “Soucre of selection list” = “Provided item options by the server”. So I guess, the server is providing some options automatically, which needs to be added in Homehabit manually!?

Ok, I understand. Would be great to have this stop function. If I think about a workaround… My rollershutters are equipped with Shelly 2.5 modules. But, the firmware of this shelly modules is “Tasmota” instead of the origin fw. I did not see a Tasmota “integration”. So, because Tasmota is also supporting MQTT, I could try to use an MQTT integration for “up, stop, down” commands for each tasmota device?

Ok! I got it. I wasn’t thinking/remembering about the “integrations” after the fist set up of the Homehabit app and selecting the OpenHab integration. Works fine like you described, thank you. First of my listed issues, which are solved :wink:

Ok… I thought, out of the user view, this shouldn’t be a problem to implement unit symbols instead of textes. It would be great to have unit symbols, which could improve the size of the widgets to have maybe smaller ones?!

Please, don’t understand my post as “moan”. I like the app and be very happy to can use it for my purposes. But, I guess you know, If you are using something the personal preferences and wishes will arise.

@igor Hi,
I would like to show my workaround to realize the rollershutter “stop” function. Maybe someone with a similar situation is reading that post and happy to have a proposal for a workaround.

I integrated the HTTP commands, which are able to send to the Tasmota devices. Maybe other systems or devices allowing also http commands.

  1. Added the http commands
  2. Created a group widget and added the 3 items for up, stop, down + configuration with icons and textes

    Works fine and looks ok. Not a perfect widget, but it’s ok for me.

So, I solved the “RSS integration” and the “Rollershutter stop function”. Open points are “Scene” widgets for the string items (no idea how to do it) and my wish to have unit symbols instead of textes.

Thank you Igor for your time and help.


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