Push config via API

I am new to home habit and i was wondering if it could be a good choice for my home dashboards so i am doing some tests. Everything works like a charm however i would like to push the configuration from an external device, i see the app is exposing a web editor, is it possible to also POST the configuration to that address somehow and override the config?

Use case is that i would like to edit it in VSCode on a PC, store it on GIT and send it automatically when i am pushing to the repo via a pipeline


P.S. is there a way to purchase a license and load it on a device that has no Google Services and no account configured?

It is not possible right now to use POST to update configuration. Remote Editor is using websocket to communicate, so there isn’t any endpoint, even if internal, to call right now.
I would need to look into this in more detail to figure out the feasibility and maybe plan it for the future.

No, Play Store/Services are required. There was some interest from the community for the non-play-store version, so it might happen in the future, but nothing is planned right now.