Public Beta

Project Rotini is in Public Beta

The application has reached the public beta milestone. Now anyone can install the app through the Play Store without needing to register in the community first.
Beta 1 version is going to be available in the Play Store shortly. This version is feature-equivalent to recently released Preview 25 version.

Starter Mode for new users and your guests

Starter Mode is a new default mode for the application, which doesn’t require a license. You will find all the same features with a few limits such as number of dashboard screens or platforms available.
Starter Mode will help new users that just starting their journey in home automation - you can use the app without the need to buy a license. In the future, it will also expand into guest friendly platform that allows your visitors to control your home.

Trial license usage

In Beta 1 version, after you reached a starter limit, you will be able to get a free trial license for that device to fully utilize the application. In the near future, after an official announcement, free trial users would need to purchase a regular license to continue to use the full version of the app.