Project Rotini is now HomeHabit!

Happy to announce that Project Rotini is now HomeHabit!
Huge thank you to everyone who tried Project Rotini preview releases.

What’s New

First HomeHabit release is mostly the same as the last Project Rotini release, but it does contain several critical fixes. More features and fixes are coming out in the next few weeks.


The new version of Project Rotini that is rolling out now will have a link to upgrade to HomeHabit release through the Play Store.
Please migrate to the HomeHabit app at your earliest convenience. The app has the same functionality and will migrate all data over from Project Rotini on first launch (as long as both apps are installed on the same device).

Over the next few days, websites will migrate to the new domain as well.

We tried to make migration process as smooth as possible. In a chance that something goes wrong during migration, please uninstall HomeHabit app to use Project Rotini again. Do not uninstall or clear data on Project Rotini app until you are sure that HomeHabit app functions correctly.

Breaking change

HomeHabit release supports new Home Assistant authentication system, but it does not support old API password login. If you are not using new authentication system or using custom authentication mechanism, do not migrate at this time. Please contact support.

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