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Hello I am trying to figure out how to transfer the license between my devices so they all show I have premium plus. Is there something I need to do on the devices that still show no license to get them to show my premium plus? They are all on the same play store account.

@Gordon_Wood Welcome to the community!

Premium Plus license should apply automatically to all devices on the same account.

Can you try couple of things:

  • if you just added Premium Plus, can you restart the app on device that does not have it, and see if that helps?
  • can you upload debug logs from Support screen on any device that has the issue?

Ahh that put me down the right road thanks, I went into support and checked the license and now its up to date.

Thanks very much

That’s great to hear!

If you going to be adding another device and this happens again, can you upload debug logs before checking on the license?
Another user have reported similar issue before, but I could never reproduce this in testing. So looking for more data points.

Will do! I am experimenting with multiple tablets, one for each floor so I will have more devices to add soon.

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I believe I’ve finally got to reproduce this problem. It should be fixed in 24.3 patch release (rolling out over the next few days), and should apply the license immediately after install. It would show a small notification in the app.
Let me know if you would get a different behavior on a new device.

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