Post device details to Server

I’d like to be able to post things like battery level and gps location to my openhab server. Potentially anything else the device can report like light level, proximity, temp etc…

The use case is switching off the charger that is connected to my tablet when the battery is 100% and then turning it back on when the battery is 20%

This could potentially be addressed by MQTT if enabled.

@Igor, could you confirm if something like this would be possible using MQTT now?
At the moment I have the Home Assistant app on my tablet just for this but I’d prefer to use HomeHabit…

@TommySharp No, not possible right now. The app would need a general support for configurable outbound updates, then, it could be connected to HA or MQTT.
There weren’t many requests for this, so it wasn’t a priority so far.

For wall mounted tablets being able to turn off/on the charger would be good to keep the battery at about 70% rather than constantly charging it… This will greatly improve the battery health.