Possible to add your weather icons

It will be great if we could load a pack of your own weather icons, default are not so greate :frowning:

@Rui_Barroso Did you try Font Awesome weather icons? (set in a theme)

how can I do that ?

If you don’t have any custom themes yet, you can clone an existing system theme and change “Weather icons” property. Then, apply that theme to the dashboard (or single page/widget).

You would need to have a premium license to use Font Awesome weather icons.

but this way I can only choose from default or premium weatjer icons, right ?

Yes, it applies as a pack. Do you want to do something different from that?

yes, I was searching for some diferent packs of weather icons , these aren’t so great…

ok, those are the two icon packs supported now.
There are other icon packs might be added in the future. However, custom weather icons are not planned at the moment, but might be reassessed based on community voting on this idea.


thank you so much