Possible battery consomption issue


There is probably a battery power consomption issue in the app. Since one month or two, my tablet nexus 10 is discharging… while it is plugged to ac charger when the homehabbit app is started.
I tried to use another charger but I have the same issue.

I did not succeed to get more info about app consomption with the android system in the tablet ( No consomption pourcentage per app information)

@Grui If Nexus 10 still have original battery, it might be too old and not functioning properly anymore. While the app can consume more battery when many integrations or camera streams are used it shouldn’t be as high to drain while charging.
I would suggest trying to disable all integrations and creating new empty dashboard to test if that changes anything after the full app restart. The app won’t be doing much work in that state.

@igor I did the test of the dashboard empty. The battery drain still the same with A/C adapter plugged in and with the dashboard empty.

I’ve downloaded a random Always On clock screen App. In that case the battery drain does not occur. The problem seems to come from HomeHabbit.

I am going to continue the test with HomeHabbit with dashboard empty BUT with integration disabled as well this time

The issue was coming from the power cable itself.
Problem solved

Great! Thanks for the update.

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