Pop up climate tile

The climate tile is nice but with the small scren of my tablet i am trying to keep it as a 1x1 tile. That makes using it nearly impossible.

Even making it a 2x2 tile its still hard for my wife to get the temp set properly. She already made a mistake in the first hour of using it lol. I think the issue is the tablet is not that great so its not that easy to make a smooth adjustment on a little bar.

A full screen pop up when you tap a climate tile would be awesome with up/down controls for temp and buttons to adjust.

the other concern with the current tile is its WAY too easy to accidently turn on heat mode or switch off AC mode. I would like to have the option to remove that completely (its twice a year that i change from heat to AC i can do that on my ecobee directly)


@mike240se you should be to disable thermostat mode button by removing Mode property binding in widget editor

I actually did that already, thanks! It helped a lot.

Still though its impossible to control the temp up/down unless the widget is 4x4 size. idk if its becuase of the poor touch screen on the fire hd 8 or my fat fingers though.

to fix the issue i dedicated panel #2 to the climate control and made it really big like 6x6 or larger.