Outlook not loggin

I can’t connect to my outlook account, when I add the integration, it asks me for my account, I do the following, then it comes back to homehabit and tells me error. it does not ask me for my password. some things to do?

@schumi23 Is it possible that the browser on that device already logged-in into Outlook account? It might not ask for password then. What is the last screen you see before it comes back to HomeHabit?
Can you try the flow again and upload debug logs from the Support screen?

it’s uploaded.

did you receive the log?

Yes. Strangely, I see no related errors though.

What is the last screen you see before it comes back to HomeHabit?

connection on outlook, with email address, then at the time of the password, it returns to the blue integration screen, with the message: unable to connect to the server, retry.

I don’t have the possibility to put my password, it changes screen just before!

I just tried again, and I even restarted my tablet, but still the same. Do you have a solution ?

Cannot reproduce this issue so far.
Are you trying to connect to “personal” outlook account or it authenticates through a business?
Also, what is the default browser on that device?

it is a personal account.
and the browser is google chrome.

the problem is surely somewhere else, because I have plenty of time to put my email account there, but when I do “next” and I have to insert my password, the screen disappears and I return to homehabit with the blue sign…retry…

It does not seem that Outlook login itself is the issue, since it is working in my testing, but Outlook page is responsible to navigate back, so it is strange.
I will try to reproduce again with a different test account later today.

this is the video of the problem.


I can confirm that it does not seem to work for personal Outlook accounts right now.
Will update when there is more information about the issue.

@schumi23 Will be fixed in the next release. Thank you for reporting!

Thanks to you.
I just updated and it works. flawless.
Possible to add the IOS calendar (icloud)?

Great, thanks for the update!

There will be iCalendar integration added soon that would accept any iCal/ICS calendar link. So, if you share your iCloud calendar with a link, it would work.

Great. Thanks, and congratulations for your soft…

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