Openhab Tasmota dimmer not found

Not sure if the correct category, please advise if not correct.

I have a Dimmer (sonoff type device) flashed with Tasmota in OpenHab2. To control the dimmer I send MQTT DIMMER=nn. To read the dimmer I use JSONPATH:$.Dimmer to extract the DIMMER nn from the JSon string. The Openhab thing and Item are defined as a string.

I can’t see a way of using the Homehabit slider control or anything else to mimic this operation.

Is there any way of doing this?

@KenMullins Can you define item (and maybe thing) as Dimmer instead of String?

Thanks Igor.

That did the trick. Openhab PaperUI is a little ambigous when creating a thing as there is no Dimmer available from the dropdown list. However if you select Percentage it is diplayed as Dimmer after being added. Once I have that setup in OH Homehabit can identify it as a dimmer.

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

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