OpenHAB - Reversed BlindsControl Item not working

First of all, thank you for the awesome app!
Finally I could replace HABPanel which stuttered along quite often.
I have only one issue: For two of my Shutters, I have reversed the controls in OpenHAB (Habmin).
In HomeHabit however, the item state is displayed is if the items were not reversed:
Openhab State: 0%
HomeHabit State: 100%
That means I can’t use the shutter widgets, because it will display 100%, but when I press it, a 0% command is issued to OpenHAB, not changing the state (as it already is 0%).

It’s a bit confusing, I know. It seems like the app picks up on the wrong channel.

Is there any solution to this?

Thank you so much!

@BobMiles Thanks for trying out the app, I’m glad you like it!

Can you give a bit more details on how did you reverse state in Habmin?

Hi Igor,
apologies for the late response, I was out on vacation.
So I’ve digged a bit and found that actually, I haven’t reversed the states. To me, that’s even more confusing.
Here’s my setup:
Electric roof window and Fibaro Roller Shutter 2
I’m using the BlindsControl channel to control the window opening. 0% is completely closed, 100% is fully open.
In HABPanel this is correctly displayed. However, in HomeHabit, the percentage is reversed, using the same item. Using the dimmer widget I tried the following:
Put the dimmer to 80% - result: BlindsControl Item received command “20%”.
BlindsControl state is 95% (shown as 5% in HomeHabit) and I set the slider to 100% in HomeHabit - the BlindsControl item receives 100%(!)
My expectation would have been that it received 0%.

It seems like the end positions are not reversed, whereas the intermediate positions receive an inverted command.

I know it’s really confusing, but maybe there’s a general bug hidden here?

Thank you for your great work!!

@BobMiles After some investigation, I see what’s going on here. When OpenHAB Rollershutter item is set to 0 or 100 in HomeHabit, it sends UP/DOWN command rather than percentage, since that’s what OpenHAB server will most likely expect.
OpenHAB API doesn’t provide information about whether or not shutter is inverted, so the app always treats it as non-inverted. It seems like OpenHAB should inverse UP/DOWN commands when percentage is inversed.
In your last example, when setting slider to 100%, DOWN command is sent. Since 0% is completely closed, OpenHAB should set 0% rather than 100%