OpenHAB - Reversed BlindsControl Item not working

First of all, thank you for the awesome app!
Finally I could replace HABPanel which stuttered along quite often.
I have only one issue: For two of my Shutters, I have reversed the controls in OpenHAB (Habmin).
In HomeHabit however, the item state is displayed is if the items were not reversed:
Openhab State: 0%
HomeHabit State: 100%
That means I can’t use the shutter widgets, because it will display 100%, but when I press it, a 0% command is issued to OpenHAB, not changing the state (as it already is 0%).

It’s a bit confusing, I know. It seems like the app picks up on the wrong channel.

Is there any solution to this?

Thank you so much!

@BobMiles Thanks for trying out the app, I’m glad you like it!

Can you give a bit more details on how did you reverse state in Habmin?

Hi Igor,
apologies for the late response, I was out on vacation.
So I’ve digged a bit and found that actually, I haven’t reversed the states. To me, that’s even more confusing.
Here’s my setup:
Electric roof window and Fibaro Roller Shutter 2
I’m using the BlindsControl channel to control the window opening. 0% is completely closed, 100% is fully open.
In HABPanel this is correctly displayed. However, in HomeHabit, the percentage is reversed, using the same item. Using the dimmer widget I tried the following:
Put the dimmer to 80% - result: BlindsControl Item received command “20%”.
BlindsControl state is 95% (shown as 5% in HomeHabit) and I set the slider to 100% in HomeHabit - the BlindsControl item receives 100%(!)
My expectation would have been that it received 0%.

It seems like the end positions are not reversed, whereas the intermediate positions receive an inverted command.

I know it’s really confusing, but maybe there’s a general bug hidden here?

Thank you for your great work!!