Openhab item (light) does not show up in Homehabit itelms


I trying to buid my first dashboard, so far, i got Sonos, phillips HUE, rtsp Hikvison ip cam working.
I have an openhab setup with My Home SCS/openwebnet home automation.
I trying to add my lights bit it does not work.
The light is online in openhab and i can control it, but when i want to add it ti homehabit, it does not show in the list of possible items. it seems feels like Homehabit does not see my light as a light.
Strangely it does show up in the “state” item list for the security system.
Any idea why?

@jpcolin77 Are you using “Widget preset (simple)” or “Build widget (advanced)” path when creating new widget?
In the simple path, do you see this Switch item?


Thank you for your reply, in the meantime, I looked further, and restarted the device after that I just deleted the iitem and made it again and i did get the light in the item list.
So it works now.
I tried botch simple and advanced
No idea why.
My Sonos problem is not relsolved (other threat)

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@jpcolin77 Can you link the Sonos thread you mentioned? Cannot find it.

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