Image item

I am trying to bind image items for room or media widget. No matter what i am doing the list is empty.

For media widget i want to use a sonos item. But it doesnt matter whether item, image or string, i use widget list is still empty.

String  Sonos_Kueche_Cover      "Cover"   	{channel="sonos:PLAY3:RINCON_000E58744CA801400:currentalbumarturl"}
Image	Sonos_Kueche_Art		"Cover K"	{channel="sonos:PLAY3:RINCON_000E58744CA801400:currentalbumart"}


Still no solution for me :frowning:
Nobody using images in rotini?

I become desperate

There are number of issues in that area. I will update shortly.

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Sounds great. May is ask for a release date? :wink:

It is probably not going to be the next immediate release, since that one is pretty much packaged. So most likely the next one. Don’t know how fast it could be fixed yet, so can’t say the date.


@igor Any news on supporting openHAB image items? I own an Onkyo receiver and use the Onkyo binding to fetch the Spotify album art when I play Spotify over the device. This album art is available only as Image item (base 64 encoded image). I’d love to have the album art shown in the media player :slight_smile:

OH image items support is added for Beta 11 release. Thank you for your patience with this!

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I just came back to this and now see that it works, awesome!

Great! Thanks for the update.

I have the same problem, the cover art show in openhab, but in Homehabit, it is not even in the item list.