OpenHab Dimmer can be written but not read

I’m using HomeHabit to controll some Dimmer-lights in OpenHab.
Curiously I can easily turn the lights on by moving the Dimmer-sliders on HomeHabit and the correct valu is set in OpenHab as well as that the lights are actually turned on. But after a few seconds the slider in HomeHabit moves back to zero, while nothing actually changes. So, the lights keep on (as they should!) and OpenHab also still has the correct value of the Dimmer. It seems like after setting the value in HomeHabit it tries to read the current value as some point, but fails for some unknown reason.
Does anyone have a hint how I could debug this?

@Tobias_Zander If you try reopening the app after that, does it show correct value then or still zero?

Thanks, that actually worked.

Stupid me that I didn’t think about that :frowning:

No worries. There is a bug that leads to UI getting out of sync sometimes if response after action from server takes longer than expected. It is quite complex to fix, so will take a bit of time.