Open history graph when clicking on a sensor

It would be REALLY great and add a lot of usability if clicking a sensor would open the “history screen” like it does in HA.

Like tipping on that sensor:


would open a new screen like that one:


Sometimes knowing the history of a sensor is very valueable and sometimes even better then the momentary value it shows.

Yes! Good idea, but I would like to choose:

  1. show the graph
  2. turn on / off the switch
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I wasn’t talking about SWITCHES anyway, but SENSORS. A switch should be ON/OFF by default anywhere. It may be interesting to know when it was switched in the past, sure. But imho the requested feature makes most sense for sensors.

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Good idea, It’s really helpful to track on daily / 24hrs status for every entities.

+1 for this.

Id like to see this as well.