On load of app, scenes widget doesnt respond

On all my Fyre HD 8s, with Fire OS and LineageOS, I have always found that when I first launch the HomeHabit app, Scene widgets do not respond. (I use the single tile with dialog on touch).

I can use other widgets fine, for example switches. If I go to edit mode and then back, or switch to another app and back, then the scene widgets work fine, and will continue to until I kill and launch the app again.

Cannot reproduce this behavior.
Can you try again and upload debug logs right after?

Also to confirm, by widget do not respond - do you mean when you tap on it, there is nothing happens at all? Or there is a tap animation, but popup does not open?

Recorded a video, but not allowed to upload or DM it.

Tapping on the scene widget has no consequence at all. Nothing pops up, nothings shows any sign of interacting.


Finally experienced this behavior, happens roughly 1 out 5 times, and only for some widgets. Will update when there is a fix.

Thanks. Appreciate it, and all the hard work.

Fixed for the next patch release (28.9)

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