Often find that all widgets are blank

A few times a month I notice my dashboards are just showing blank widgets. All 3 dashboards don’t go wrong at the same time, but its often the case that if 1 is broken, the others are, or will be shortly.

This has happened for years, but I just kill the app and restart it and its fine again. I’ll see if I can share logs next time it happens.

I’m seeing this aswell and if that happens when I try to unlock the settings with my passcode the passcode gets accepted but the settings don’t appear and I can unlock again and again but the settings won’t appear. As I use HomeHabit has Homescreen I can’t just kill it (other than using adb/shell).

I’ve checked the logs and there’s nothing relevant in there, even in the developer logs. In the past I’ve seen this when editing Widgets aswell, but also not every time. When I find a reproducible bug I’ll report it but something like this is super hard to troubleshoot so I usually don’t report it and live with it.