Offer sideload APK download too

Please offer direct download of APK not only through Google Play.
I use tablet panels without any GApps installed, just plain AOSP or LineageOS much faster and cleaner - and better for long term usage and stability.

@Robi The app relies on Play Services, so it would not work on plain AOSP. Also, paid version will have to be also distributed and paid through Play Store, so there is even more dependency.

Sad :frowning:
But currently it works on LineageOS without any GApps.

There are probably some feature that will not work with Play Services still, so it is not something that is tested or supported.

Did you side-loaded it to LineageOS?

Yes. I copied the APK and installed manually (“unknown sources”). So far no error - using switches, shutters, camera.

It would be OK for me a partial functionality - if we could know what features depend on Play Services.
Old hardware is still very good for control panels. Using a ROM without any GApss and Play Services makes it very, very fast and stable. It’s nice to refurbish an old device for such purpose. You can keep the planet green :slight_smile:

There are number of people who use it on Fire tablet or Lineage OS with side-loaded Play Services, if you are interested in Play Services (I have done it on a few Fire tablets on my personal setup). Unfortunately, it is not possible to offer paid apps or partially paid apps both inside and outside of Play Store.
Also, it makes it very hard to support all possible issues when some system expected functionality is missing. So I would encourage you to install from the PlayStore for best future compatibility.