Numpad Widget

Is ist possible to develop a numpad?

Currently i am using this one

to (de)activate my alarm system

Pin protection will be available on some widgets such as switch when action is taken. It should address this without separate numpad widget.

Hi Igor,
maybe I missed something, Is Pin protection already available ?

@hmerk not yet, should be coming soon

Thanks Igor

Any news on this @igor ?

@hmerk Sorry about delay. This feature is actually in development right now.

Thanks @igor

Any news here?

No release scheduled yet, but it is in progress. This feature was part of original plan to introduce PIN protection for settings, dashboard and widgets in one swoop. That approach caused these delays because of other blockers, so we are working now to separate PINs for widgets out to introduce it asap.

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Hi Igor,
are there any news on this missing feature?


Hans-Jörg, hate to constantly delay this one, but it is just not ready as a good solution yet. We will revisit it in the next two weeks, hopefully with the better outcome!
I really appreciate your patience.

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Sorry to bother, any news here? Another 4 weeks passed :wink:

Yes, development has been restarted on this, first features related to PIN usage will be released in Beta 16 (maybe even Beta 15). Are you looking to use pin for alarm specifically or for something else?

I use it for several switches and alarm scene selection (off/sleep/away)
Would be fine to secure complete dashboards as well.

@hmerk New Security widget in Beta 16 is going to support entering passcode that can be sent to OH item

Thanks for th info Igor, but if I don‘t misunderstand you, this is not how it was implemented in legacy and does not suit my usecase.

In legecay, the pin option showed a numpad when pressing a button and only sent a command to opnHAB when the correct pin was entered.
That‘s what I want/need.

The security widget will send a code to openHAB, complete different use case…

@hmerk yes, this change addressing the behavior mentioned in original post for this idea, which is sending code to the server to verify. I was under impression that you are using something similar.
Code verification in the app itself will be released separately, a bit later.
Sorry for the confusion.

Thank‘s for clarification, so I will be patient…

Will we be able to pin protect the settings etc? I know this sounds a strange one but my alarm system doesnt need a code to disarm it when its used with home assistant so i am scared of someone breaking in, accessing home habbit settings on my wall mounted tablet, adding the alarm widget and disarming. Thanks