Not getting humidity sensor unit


I have some humidity sensors from ESPHome added to Home Assistant.

My problem is I don’t get this value as humidity (in room widget) in HomeHabit on my android tablet but I get it on my phone with the same version of home habit (1.2 (4771)).
When I go in “select item”, it doesn’t have the unit % next to the value, but have I have it on my phone.

Here some details:

Home assistant entity:
state: 76.3
unit_of_measurement: %
friendly_name: Basement Humidity
icon: mdi:water-percent
device_class: humidity

Android Tablet:
Samsung Galaxy Tab S
Custom Rom: Lineage 14.1 (Android Version 7.1.2)
HomeHabit: 1.2 (4771)

Samsung Galaxy S9
Android Version: 10

Could it be that my tablet run an old version of android?

Thanks for the help.

I don’t think anyone previously reported any differences, but it might due to LineageOS rather than Android version. Lineage is not officially supported, so there is no testing done on it.
It would be surprising though that there would be such basic differences that lead to mismatching result for JSON/string parsing.

Do you know if this is specific to that entity only or other similar ones also affected?


All my humidity entities are impacted.
I’ll check LineageOs settings and see if I can find anything (maybe some security retriction that would prevent some special character in JSON body?).
I have other entities, like pressure, db signal … but not sure how to check if I receive the units for those or not.

This is probably not something that is adjusted in settings, the difference would need to be on lower system level. But as I said, it is unlikely, since as far as I know all (recent) Android version do these basic things similarly.

Looking at it more, I see possibility that device with those attributes might be qualified as both humidity and numeric sensor. Maybe the processing order is different between OS, which leads to different result.
Let me check on it more.

If there’s any logs I can provide or anything I can do to help, please let me know.

There will be a bug fix in the next patch release that will most likely fix this issue, if the processing order was indeed the cause here.

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Awesome, thank you.
I’ll let you know how it goes

Well done, this is working with the latest version.
Awesome work, thank you.

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