Newbie Questions regarding Integrations

Hi all. Newbie here so apologies if these questions have already been answered.

I have a basic smarthome that uses Lightwave (switches, plugs, sockets and relays) running on Domoticz via a Raspberry Pi. Within Domoticz I am running a home security system with door switches and alarm box via a relay. My heating system uses the Schneider Electric/Drayton Controls Wiser equipment - TRVs and boiler switch. I also have internal and external CCTV which are Yi Technology. Finally I have recently been installing Tapo Wifi plugs. My house has Alexa echo dots in each room and a Echo Show in the kitchen.

I would like to create some tablet dashboards for placement around the house. I have downloaded the HomeHabit app onto my phone and this looks great and easy to use. I have linked my Domoticz system into it but can only see some of my connected devices, which is strange.

Does the HomeHabit app support Integrations for my connected devices;
Yi Technology
SE/Drayton Wiser

Any suggestions or support would be greatly appreciated.

@bod1973 Welcome to the community!
I will check on these devices specifically. Usually, there might be some differences in Domoticz API for devices, so the app cannot recognize it. Domoticz does not provide a well documented API, so it is a challenge to generally support all devices. But most of time this is fixable.

Can you upload debug logs from the Support screen shortly after the app is opened?

Igor. Thanks for your message. Do you know whether the TP-Link Tapo Smart Plug Wi-Fi Outlets are compatible with HomeHibat? I am unable to find either TP-Link or Tapo listed in the Integrations.

There is no direct integration with TP-Link yet, but it is planned in the future.
Direct integration is separate from supporting those devices that are connected to Domoticz already.

Thanks. Are you suggesting that the TP-Link might be connectable to Domoticz?

No, it was more of a general comment for any device connected through a platform (Domoticz).