Newbie Here - Help wanted

Is there any place to get any “Getting Started” basic how-to information? I installed the app and launch it fine which opens the blank dashboard however I’m not sure where to go from there.
Any assistance is appreciated as I want to make this work properly and get all that it seems to offer.
Thanks in advance.

@Jeff.b There is no specific documentation for setup process right now, but the process is basically these few steps:

  • Add integrations to platforms or services that you use in your smart home
    • Navigate to Integrations screen
    • Add new integration
    • Select integration type
    • Enter credentials or any other information required to complete setup
  • Then, add widgets to a dashboard
    • Press dashboard edit button (gear icon in the bottom corner)
    • Tap anywhere to place a new widget and tap again to edit it
    • Select any device from a list of previously setup integrations
    • Select a widget preset for that device
    • Adjust widget config as needed