New release?

Hey @igor how fR are we from the next official release? You had said early october

@chrispudge release is being prepared right now. There are few things that need to be tested and packaged before the release goes out. So I would say should be about a couple more days.

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No update on the release @igor?

Actually i finally signed up for the beta testing and received the october 13th update.

Any known issues with Home assistant 0.100 and myq? Seems my garage opener buttons dont work anymore or show status?

Thanks for signing up! Release is getting a bit delayed with some late discovered bugs.

Let me double check on that.

@chrispudge can you try to edit garage widget in the app UI and check if there is no error for those bindings (error would highlight binding item in orange). If it is, can you try to re-bind it and see if that fixes it?
If that doesn’t help, can you share state and attributes for that HA item from /developer-tools/state page?

The bindings were orange so i removed them And readded them. They are no longer orange now but the buttons still dont open or close the garage doors anymore.

@chrispudge can you also scroll to the right on that page so that attributes column is visible?
Just need to confirm what type of cover are those items.

ok, I think the root cause is known now. Fix should be ready soon, will update.
Thanks for providing the information!

@chrispudge the fix is available in the new pre-release version. It is rolling out now and might take a few hours to reach your PlayStore.

Just applied the 10/17 update and my garage doors work now :+1: out of curiosity can you go into detail about what is was? Was it myq related?

That’s great!

No, wasn’t related to Myq. Was an internal configuration issue within the app. In the previous version of the app, all HASS cover components were treated as generic shutters. Then improvement was added to treat those based on their type (garage or window) shutters in the pre-release, but action functionality wasn’t transferred properly, so it got broken.