Nest doesnt show for selection in Hubitat

Hubitat won’t show Nest Thermostat in the app for selection.

Other thermostats are visible as a choice for display all except Nest. Is this already implemented for Hubitat (as Hubitat is experimental).?

How is your Nest connected to Hubitat? Is it through previously available Nest API?
Since Google has pulled access to old Nest API, I don’t think there is an official way to connect Hubitat to Nest.

The nest is fully functional in hubitat, and the all variables are visible in hubitat, aswell for the nestThermostat as the virtualNestThermostat. On Hubitat I use the NSTManager for this connection (Via Nest API).

When it was the official way I set up the connection and has been working eversince. Tho’ officiall or not, it shouldn’t effect HomeHabit for displaying a thermostat device from the hubitat I think.

The issue with integration is that it not possible to test it anymore unless it was previously setup.
Thermostats from Hubitat are generally supported, so it might some small issue with data format that’s coming from Hubitat API. Can you upload debug logs from Support screen to check?

Living room Nest Smokedetector is visible in the list, the Thermostat isn’t.

Thank you for uploading the logs.
Good news! It was a small issue - it was looking for thermostat fan state when it is not available on that device. The fix will be available in the next patch release.

Great, I am looking forward seeing the next release. Thnx for the quick response.

Has this been implemented in the 1.2 version?
If so it doesn’t yet work in this version. Or at least I can’t find a nest thermostat nor the virtual one.

Yes, it should have been fixed in 1.2
Can you upload the logs again? Please reopen the app before uploading.

Forced stop first then started and uploaded the logs.
thnx again for looking at this.

Can you upload again, without stopping this time?


hmmm… seems I got the Nest visible now.
Did you do anything?

No, the app functionality is local to device, so couldn’t do anything even if I wanted to :slight_smile:

Not sure why it wasn’t showing before then. Does it work now?

Feel a bit stupid now. But yes it is available and showing now. I didn;t do a lot other than sending you logs twice. But im sure that can’t be it.

Will test how it works now :slight_smile:

No worries. Happy it is showing now, let me know if it all works properly.

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