Multi Sensor Group Always Shows Blue

I have a multi sensor group with 3 doors and the icon is always blue, even when I toggle the reverse setting it doesnt change from blue.

I have some locks that show as blue when they are locked, so I did reverse for the garage door cover so it also shows as blue when the garage door is closed.

I want to be able to also show the icon for the 3 doors as blue when all the doors are closed and show as not blue when any of the 3 doors is open.

This way my wife can glance at the tablet and she can clearly see if everything is blue before going to sleep or not since she cant read the text but can see the color.


@mike240se just to confirm what you are asking for:

  • all sensors are off and config is reversed - show activated (blue)
  • all sensors are on and config is reversed - show deactivated (clear)
  • some sensors are on and config is reversed - show deactivated (clear) - different from current behavior

Does that sound right?

I think so but there was some kind of bug because I had all doors closed, and the icon was blue, and then i went and hit reverse toggle and it was still blue. However, after force closing home habit and clearing the cache and re-running it now when all 3 doors are closed its gray and if i toggle reverse it changes. before it was stuck on blue.

however all 3 doors need to be open for the sensor to change currently. that isnt helpful because having any 1 door open needs to be visible. what i am askinng for is if any of the sensors is triggered then the icon color should change instead of all 3 needing to be triggered to change.

maybe a setting that says “change icon state if any single group member is triggered”. i am sorry this is a feature request not a bug but due to my first issue stated above i thought it was a bug and not expected behavior. now that i cleared that bug where the icon was stuck as blue i understand the issue now.