MQTT documentation

I am using domticz integration, works fine, but i am planing to use homehabit to make a message board.
can i publish a mqtt message so homehabit read it and shows a custon msg in a pop up menu?
example “movement in front door detected”, or “battery power low” all based on mqtt messages.
thank you.

@juantecnico Welcome to the community!

That’s not possible right now, since there is no general notification-like message support.
Currently, it is possible to have a speak-message announced on a state change using Rules (HomeHabit Labs feature).

Hi Igor thank you for your fast response.
There is any source of documentation like a wiki for homehabit? I have been using the soft for a while and I felt a little lost looking for info. I read each new release notes and use this message as knowledge source, it’s correct or there is any place to find and read?
Thank you again for your great app

Generally, release notes is the best knowledge source for the new features.
I always felt like creating, and more importantly keeping current, any extensive documentation that so few users would read is the time better spent on improvements within the app. So the goal is to make app intuitive enough to not require a documentation.
Is there anything specific you think could be better in the app to make it easier?

Hi Igor.
I will do in that way.
I have some ideas, i will post it in the ideas topic.

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