Moving from Rotini to Homehabit

Hi @igor

As you might know I started to move away from rotini.

This is my thoughts so far.

I really dislike the new way of making the panel, i mean it is easy enough with the drag and drop, but i would rather have it to read from a sitemap file as we did on the rotini, also in order to make a better backup solution for the setup.
Or maybe i just need to get used to this.

What i first realized i really miss.
I have a lot of Philips Hue on openhab, i really miss the widget with color temperature, and color picker. or have you hid them somewhere where i can’t find them?

On the camera widget why not just add the url directly to the app ?


Would it be possible for eighter a colorpicker or make it optional if you want to adjust the dimm settings. on the color preset widget.?
It would be nice if dimm could be managed on its own.

Possible to Group lights and dimm a range, i tried to setup a group for them, but i can not get it to work.

thanks in advance.