Mode Widget

In the legacy version the “Mode” widget was the most used widget on my dashboard for setting the alarm as we came and went from the house. I didn’t have a pin at all, just a nice easy way to switch the alarm on and off.

Hopefully this very useful widget will be coming to the new version soon.

Released in Preview 20.

@igor is it possible to change the layout to the same as the other widgets (label, text size, icon size)?

Agreed would be good to make them uniform…

@TommySharp @michaeljoos the goal of scene widget to look different specifically to stand out from a regular switch.
Can both of you give more details on what you are using it for?

personally I’m missing the label. with current layout you don’t know exactly what you are controlling…especially if there are more than one mode-widget on the same dashboard.

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@michaeljoos can you give examples of what are you trying to control with scene widget?

My idea is to have something like this: To control my blinds to 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%
As far as I know there is no other widget for that. And in such a case it would be nice to have a label e.g. “All Bilnds”

Another use case for me is the selection of radio stations (favourites).

@igor I use it for the alarm. Personally I’d like it if the widget said ALARM above the icon so the family knows exactly what it is…

How about if the label is populated then show it… If people don’t want a label they can leave it blank?

Hey @igor I am using the Scene widget quite a bit in the “mode” style and the label really needs to show if it has been populated. As it explains what the device is that the mode is showing…
I’d suggest that if people don’t want a label then they can just not provide a value for it???


@TommySharp label behavior is improved for Beta 16 release. Sorry that it took so long.

Nice work @igor no need to apologise.