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It appears that the latest version, 27.3, had its minimum SDK version increased from Android 4.4 to 5.0, i.e. API 19 to 21.
I’ve been using this amazing software for quite some time, one of its selling points being able to run on few dependencies, such as low-end/old devices, even without GMS. The device I am using is a obsolete Lenovo yoga 8, running Android 4.4 as the last official update.
As I wish to continue benefiting the latest app developments, while hopefully using the same hardware, would it be possible to keep the same, albeit outdated, API requirements? Are the any restrains/limitations that imposed a bump in SDK version?

@pcmihnea Are you installing the app from outside of the Play Store?
Going forward there will be separate builds for 4.4 and 5.0+ because of the internal library dependencies. That will not result in any functional differences in the app. Android 4.4 is still supported as before.
Play Store should automatically install the correct build depending on Android version of the device.

Since the tablet is showing its age, and running it 24/7 with the screen on (only during the day thanks to Rules functionality!), all other apps and features are disabled, including GMS and its store. Not even Aurora store support android 4.4, so I relied until now on apk pull/push from a phone running Android 11.
I’ll keep in mind to select, if possible, the lower API build variant in the future.
Thank you for the quick support!

Sure. Let me know if there are any issues going forward.

Just as a heads up, there will more changes to how the app is packaged in the future, which might lead to additional builds for various device architectures. Just to keep something in mind during future updates.
Google is pushing developers to use new patterns, so it becoming more difficult with time. Even supporting 4.4 is a pain now, since many Google UI libraries and others are dropping support for anything below 5.0 :expressionless:

If support for Android 4.4 will no longer be possible in the future, then I’ll be a great opportunity for me to buy another tablet - the reasons behind using this Yoga 8 is the integrated support, and disregard for any potential screen burn-in :slight_smile:

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