Method to start Homehabit after tablet reboot?

I’m looking for some ways to ensure Homehabit is always on and in the foreground. Any thoughts on the best way to do this???

After the tablet is idle for 30 minutes
After a reboot

Latest Android versions don’t allow apps to auto-start (in foreground) without any user input. So, it was never added as an option to the app.
The only alternative is to set HomeHabit as system launcher (Home App), so it would just always load.

Infact, what is the use of a automatically starting homehabit in the bg? I use it as a default launcher and it works great, not polemic, just to understand what I missed on the question

I don’t think anyone is asking for HomeHabit to start in the background… Definitely in the foreground.

ooops my fault!!! I didn’t read it correctly… so in the FG! that’s simple, in HomeHabit configuration there’s “Home App: Allow to be used ad a Hone App” (it’s disabled by default), after switching it on, pressing the home button, the System asks for the default “home app” so you can select it flagging “always” too and that’s it, HH will run automatically at tablet startup (I have similar configuration).
If it doesn’t work, be sure do clear default on your default launcher options.

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Hmmmmm I’ve set HomeHabit to be used as the Home App and now after a reboot HomeHabit does not start up and the app doesn’t even open up if I tap the icon…???
Managed to get it working by opening up the android system settings and finding the option to also set the home app there…
Negative effect was that now the tablet will onyl let me open HomeHabit… If I try swipe up to get the app drawer I get nothing…

Yeah, most Android devices specifically ask the first time home button is pressed after option is enabled. But on some this “manual” step is needed.

This is the expected behavior, since HomeHabit is replacing a default launcher. Usually, running as Home App only makes sense on dedicated devices where other apps are not needed; or only a few apps are used, then HomeHabit Launcher widget can be used to open those.

Ahhhh okay that makes sense now…

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