Media Widget - Cover URL no longer works

Hi Igor,

I have updated to 28.13 (5147) and cover URL no longer works.

Works fine in another tablet on 28.13 (5113)

HA: 2022.5.4

I tried to change config/wipe/reinstall etc but it still did not come up so it could be a bug.


My cover art seems to be still working okay on the latest version you have…?

Strange, mine was also working fine prior to the update.

I’ve tried changing settings, deleting the config and reinstalling, not sure what else I can try.

My other tablets haven’t been updated and they are also working ok

Thanks for replying Toimmy.

@mikeoz are you using HA media player component for the cover image?
Can you also restart the app, open dashboard with media widget in question, and upload debug logs after that?

@igor Yes, HA component

Debug logs have been uploaded

I just upgraded a tablet using 28.13 (5113) with cover art working to
to 5147 and it stopped working, so I think it’s something to do with the latest changes.

Thanks guys

Can you make screenshot of your media widget configuration (with cover property visible)?
There is nothing suspicious in the logs, so not sure what is the issue yet.

@igor Sure, screenshot attached.


I’ve updated HomeAssistant and HomeHabit and my covers seem to be working okay even after adding a whole new page …

This is what my widget config looks like…


My media device is a squeeze box player but I’d expect HomeAssistant presents all media players the same way?

@TommySharp Thanks Tommy.

That format looks similar to what I have. I’ve also tried deleting app data, starting agian and its not showing, very strange.

Happening on both my setups, I might upgrade HA and see if it changes.


This is strange, since that image loading is pretty standard for both HH and HA sides.
What is your HA version?

Can you try using that Media cover item in Room (Photo URL) or Camera (Snapshot URL) widgets and see if that works?

Sorry I’ve been travelling. Photo URL in the Room widgets works, Just doesn’t seem to work in the media widget, very strange.