Media widget and MQTT

hi everyone,

let met start with how happy I was finding this app (I am on an older android tablet for the project) to create a nice dashboard! Thank you to everyone contributing!

General Idea
I am using MQTT to communicate between homehabit and my node-red running on a raspberry pi that then controls many things in my home. Right now switches for e.g. Philipps Hue lights work like a charm. So far so good.

Media Widget
When I add items to my MQTT integration, I can not bin any of the items to the media widget. I tried all options from text to switch to button. Nothing is ever available in the “bind item selection”. Am I doing something wrong or is the media widget not compatible with the MQTT integration yet?

thank you!


@Rominio Yes, some of the more “complex” widgets like Thermostat or Media are not supported by MQTT yet, but it is planned.

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