Media player support on screensaver screen

It would be nice if on the screensaver screen, as a background, you could use images of the album of music that is currently playing. Optional - the possibility of basic music control from this screen.

I have 3 media players in my setup… A challenge would be which media player details to show?

Various implementation options are possible - at the discretion of the author. As a simple option, you can provide fields in the screensaver properties for entering the media player to follow and the source of the images.

I second this. In my case, I wouldn’t need any player controls or background images from the album, just a simple couple of lines showing what’s playing, just like the media control. It would be a very nice touch.

BTW @igor, as you may have noticed I use this app on a lot of screens, however, I don’t require any of the adittional integrations which makes the premium membership of no actual benefit to me. Ever thought on a donation plan or something? I’d gladfuly contribute to the time you spend on this amazing app.

Something like this (without the controls and with proper aesthetics :slight_smile: :