Measurement data don't appear in gauge widget

Hello, your application is really great.
However, I’m trying to create a gauge widget with measurement data from my Domoticz. Unfortunately the measurement values don’t appear in the list of values that the widget offers me.
Do you think there is a way of making these values appear?
Thank you very much

@Malkenroe Thank you!
Which Domoticz devices are you trying to use with Gauge widget?
Can you run the URL below in your browser and copy the response for each of those devices?
DEVICE_ID is Idx from Devices list in Domoticz


Hello Igor, thank you for your quick reply.
This is a measurement taken by an esp8266 on which a probe is connected.

Here is the result of the url

	"ActTime" : 1696749909,
	"AstrTwilightEnd" : "20:57",
	"AstrTwilightStart" : "06:14",
	"CivTwilightEnd" : "19:45",
	"CivTwilightStart" : "07:26",
	"DayLength" : "11:18",
	"NautTwilightEnd" : "20:21",
	"NautTwilightStart" : "06:50",
	"ServerTime" : "2023-10-08 09:25:09",
	"SunAtSouth" : "13:36",
	"Sunrise" : "07:57",
	"Sunset" : "19:15",
	"app_version" : "2023.2",
	"status" : "OK",
	"title" : "Devices"

I solved my problem by converting the measurement into a data value in domoticz, which allowed me to retrieve the data in the Gauge widget.

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