Many requests

Hi there,

Awesome project!

I have some requests, to make it perfect for me:

Would appreciate feedback!

Edit: Found some similar requests and linked them

@igor any feedback/update on this?

Yes, comments below. Missed this post, sorry!
Thank you for your feedback.

Add history graph for sensors

Planned, but it is involved task to add history throughout the app in a comprehensive manner, so it might be awhile.

Make home assistant “device” entities available for sensor widget (for presents detection)

Will look into that

Make home assistant “climate” entities available for thermostat widget

It should be working already. Maybe a bug, will check

Allow swipe between tabs


Add search for icons (currently it’s very hard to find an icon)

Available on a beta channel. Will be in the next main release.

Add actual units to the value (so “°C” instead of “Celcius” for example)

For which widget? Gauge?

Show more data in a dialog on sensor click (like history graph)

The same answer as #1

Allow to disable fullscreens mode of the app

Not planned at this moment. The app is mainly targeting dashboard usage, so fullscreen is best there.
If you can provide some additional details on your usage, it would help.

Allow to disable top bar (menu, tabs etc)

Not planned at this moment, but was previously considered. Might be added when everything will be possible to do through gestures (e.g. page swipe)

Allow to enable display via sensor/camera of tablet

Possible, but not planned yet. Sensor-bound functionality will most likely be done first when the time comes.

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Thanks for the feedback! Sounds good :slight_smile:

Does not work for me. I have a climate entitiy and cannot add it there

Yes gauge

please ad the ability to name the different “pages” instead of i like to ad a costume icon and write a name like. kitchen.dinner room. car and so on. i can name them today but i can’t see the name i normal user mode.
support for radiators from home assistant, (danefors,poop and so on)
support for multiple alexa accounts to be able to ad this as media players.

support for xiamo smart camera/sensors and other stuff.
support for ring smart doorbell
support for digoo cameras
add support for map and 360 tracker so i can click on my kids present icon and directly see where thay are


Just verified that device trackers should be working in the current release, given that it has default states home/not_home and standard entity_id.
Do you have any customizations around component config?
Also, just want to confirm that in the app, in sensor widget editor, you have selected correct type (presense) before binding?