Lost premium license

Hi, I lost my premium license after Home Habit upgraded to 4.0. Hence my dashboard is now in trial mode (deactivated several pages), how could I get the license back??

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@henninne Can you upload debug logs from the Support on device? (please let me know after you upload).
Also, do you have multiple Google accounts on that device?

@igor debug logs uploaded. No only one account.

It looks like PlayStore on device does not report a license purchase anymore. Not sure why it would happen on a device with one account (usually only multi-account devices have these issues because of bugs in the PlayStore).
Need to look into this more. Sorry about the delay.

@igor any update? Very cumbersome to not be able to access all pages on my dashboard.

Nothing new yet, still looking to how to workaround this.
Has anything else was changed/upgraded on device around 2 weeks ago, at the same time as 4.0 upgrade. Anything related to Android OS itself or PlayStore?

@igor No nothing else should have changed.

I cannot even buy a new license through the app.

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Now it works again. Thanks

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Did this just resolve itself or did you do something as I’m having the same issue

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@igor the problem is back. So now I am back to limited version again. Can you please look into it? If I check my playstore the purchase is there so I do not understand why it’s not recognised by the app.

@henning is it still the issue right now?

@igor now it works again. Thanks

@henning I actually didn’t do anything, but I have a theory that when you went to check the playstore for the purchase, it might have started reporting again.
There was a possible workaround done for this couple of releases back, seems like it didn’t help fully.
I will look into this further.
Thanks for your patience!

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