Long press options

It would be nice if you add the “Long press” for some types of widgets.
as an example:
RGB light widget options for long press:

  • Brightness level
  • Color picker
  • switch on / off

I like this idea :slight_smile:

for Hass users speaking … there’s also the light effect thing which would be awesome having those in longpress feature :slight_smile:

yeah some way to have the light widget show the colour and brightness of an LED. Tapping the widget turns the light on and off but long pressing brings up a dial slider for brightness and colour wheel for colour selection…

I’d also add light_effects to this long press function

A bit of context: long press controls has been on our mind for awhile now, but since we want to have a consistent experience, across all widgets that would benefit from that, it was quite a large feature to tackle just yet. Stay tuned!


Any news here :sunglasses:?

Nothing new yet. This is not in development yet, so it might be some time before this is addressed.

Thanks for your Feedback

“Long press” for history graph as in Home Assistant would be great and add some value.
When you press e.g. the “pool temperature” it will show the graph of the last 24h.

Long press for Shutter widget: stop movement of the rolling shutter.

Currently in “Shutter” mode you only have 2 states: Open and Closed. You can’t stop the curtain somewhere in the middle if you want to.
I know it’s rather difficult to implement this while the system doesn’t have any status info about the actual position, but we could approach somehow from the previous known state.

The use case is simple: i replaced the old Dooya remote of the kitchen shutters with an old android phone running Home Habit (all through HA/MQTT/RFbridge). My wife’s first observation was: she was able to stop curtains at any position with the old remote, with this new interface she can only set them all the way up or down.

You can stop the shutter in 3 button mode (double high widget), but with a long press floating panel there could be a percentage slider, or user defined fix positions (if your shutter supports posituon control)
This is, what @igor mentioned upper: different entities have different attributes to place on a long press floating panel, and need plan it consistently
@igor: what, if long press only opens a user definable floating dashboard?

How can you stop the shutter in 3-button mode? Middle button doesn’t stop it.

Sorry, I saw in other topic, that you use Domoticz, which shutter integration is buggy. I use HA, it works good with it. (but it’s only a bug for you, which will be corrected, I think. The function in HomeHabit is there)

No I don’t use Domoticz. I use Home Assistant. Pressing middle button doesn’t stop the shutters in HomeHabit. On HomeAssistant UI when I press stop - they stop correctly - the issue must be in HomeHabit.
Integrated the shutters with HA like this.