Location in integration

How can I set location in Met.no and Sunrise Sunset?
I can choose location, but there no selection confirmation option. Only button back. But click on back will not be saved choosen position.

@HORAM_MH Can you try it again and upload debug logs from Support screen right after? Thanks


Thanks for uploading.
When you choose location, does it update Latitude/Longitude on the screen with a map?
Does that latitude/longitude not shown on the previous screen after clicking the back button?

Coordines are updated, I can move the map to any location and coordinates show correctly. But when I click on the back button, location show 0,0 0,0

Got it. Can’t reproduce that behavior on test devices. Will investigate.


Same for me with meteo france integration.
Same localisation validation issue.
Nexus 10 tablet.

Please check if the issue is still present in 16.0 release. I wasn’t able to reproduce this problem in testing, but there might be some related bug fixes in the release.

This issue is fixed in 16.3 patch release.

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