Licencing on device with a secondary unprivileged user


I just purchased a licence for my tablet device with my main account.
I have two users registered on the device. One with my actual account, and another unprivileged user which I use to log into the tablet and run my panel apps.
Given that it was per device, I assumed the licence would work with my unprivileged account, but after switching users I noticed that the instance of HomeHabbit is not licenced.

Could you assist with this?



@johncollaros in this case, multiple users are Android system users or separate Google accounts?


Separate users. I didn’t want the panel user to have access to my account.

I have also tried using the restricted account feature and allowed access to homehabbit app but the licence info doesn’t appear there either.

If there is no access to Google account that purchased a license, then it would not work.
Android separates users in a way that the app installed for a secondary user, would be no different if it would be installed on another device.

Is it possible for me to revert my licence and switch users? I don’t want to have to leave my main account logged in to use homehabbit.

yes, you can request refund for the purchase from the play store and re-purchase with a different account.

@johncollaros let me know if you have any issues with the refund or anything else related to this issue