Invalid Shortcut

I am having an issue creating shortcuts on my dashboard. I have already set up 1 shortcut that takes me to my ‘lighting’ page, which controls all of my lights and works perfectly. I have other shortcuts which launch apps and that also works great!

For the last 2 days, I have been trying to create shortcuts that links to a page dedicated to my pool controls however it just pops up with ‘invalid shortcut’ when I am sure I am doing everything right.

Suspect this is the same issue I have, which should be fixed shortly :slight_smile:

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Yes quite similar, David!

The only difference is that all my shortcuts are on one page which I consider the home page and then those shortcuts link to different pages e.g. Lighting.

Fingers crossed that it’s fixed soon!

Thats exactly what I have, and is the raised issue I believe (sorry if I wasn’t very clear), so should be good news on a fix soon I believe :slight_smile:

The fix is available in 38.2 version.

Thanks, Igor! I love this app!

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That’s so great to hear that!

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