Integrations: Synology, Outlook Calendar No connection


I have a problem with the integrations Synology and Outlook Calendar, after entering my credentials only the message appears: Disconnected from Outlook Calendar and Synology. Trying to Reconnect. My credentials are correct and I was able to detect the problem on several devices.

Does anyone have a solution?

@betagold Can you enable debug for both integrations (in Integrations screen), and then upload debug logs from the Support screen?


I have uploaded the debug logs

Looks like there is authentication issue with Outlook Calendar integration, can you try to go through connection flow again?

Regarding Synology, there is a certificate error so the app is unable to connect. What is the Android OS version on your device? Sometimes old Android version have issues with some certificate.
When you access Synology in browser does it show that certificate is valid without any exceptions?


I logged into Outlook again, it still shows Error, can it be that the 2 factor authentication is the problem?

I have tried Homehabit on several devices with different Android versions (Android 8.1, Android 9, Android 10, LineageOS 19.1/Android 12).
Do you mean an SSL certificate? If so then the problem is with my Synology NAS it does not have a valid SSL certificate.

I assume the 2FA you have is completed while you logging in to Outlook when connecting the integration? That shouldn’t matter because integration itself only using OAuth tokens after connection is completed. I will double check though on an account with 2FA.

Yes, I see the issue with Synology now, the integration always connects using HTTPS protocol. This needs to be fixed.

@betagold Synology issue should be fixed in the next release. You will need to edit integration configuration and set Protocol property to HTTP for any existing Synology integration.

Thanks Igor for fix, the problem with Outlook integration persists. I have created a new Microsoft account and even with this one without 2FA, unfortunately, the integration does not work. I don’t want to exclude that the problem is with Microsoft.

@betagold There is a bug in the app that causes the issue with Outlook integration. Fix is still being worked on.

@betagold Outlook integration should be fixed in 34.6 patch release.
You would need to perform a couple of steps:

  • Disable outlook integration
  • Edit integration and go through connect process again

Thanks Igor now the Outlook integration works too.

Great! Thanks for the update.

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