Integrate music apps like Spotify?

How do people integrate things like Spotify into their dashboards? I’ve setup a launcher that people can open Spotify but how would a family member know how to get back to the dashboard?

Is there a web widget that could be used instead?

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@TommySharp Spotify, in particular, does detect any kind of mobile browser and redirects from music player to a mobile app landing page, so it wouldn’t work in Web widget. There was no reliable workaround for that the last time I was checking.

I’ve setup Homehabit as a launcher. So when you hit “home” it goes back to homehabit. Only disadvantage: I will not start the screensaver as spotify is running in the foreground.
It sometimes is also a bit of a hassle to make spotify choose my home theater receiver as output device. Sometimes you have to go to BT menu and choose that manually. This is not user friendly, but nothing HH could solve i’m afraid.

Is there any more development in getting Spotify to connect and have a basic widget with play, next song, shuffle, and which speaker to play it. IDK just putting ideas out there. I am also trying to stay away from creating a home assistant or openhab if I can