Inoperable - system freeze

My tablet started freezeing after ~12h of usage with HH. I need to hard reset. After restart it works for 6-12h and then freeze occurs again.

Running 12" tablet with android 6.

We used to have this situation in previous year and you fixed it already, can you look into this?

@Bart_Warot I will look into that again, last time there weren’t a specific fix for that. It looks like it just stopped doing that at some point. Will update.

Looking forward to, please let me know. thanks.

@Bart_Warot New patch release is rolling out right now, that contains a fix, for a different issue, but it also might have been a cause for the freezes you experienced. Please let me know if it helped after the update.

Hi Igor,

updated at around midnight, tablet froze at 5:41AM. Might there any other dependencies that freeze tablet? I use only Sonos app and HH on it though.


I wouldn’t be able to say if other things on device actually cause the freeze. If the issue only exists when HomeHabit is running and never happens otherwise, it is most likely not because of something else.

I got no other reports about this from any of the users, so it is always hard to find the cause of the issue based on only single piece of data. Thank you for your patience with this.

You are right, when HH is not working tablet work fine. Otherwise, freeze happens every 6 hours. Do you have an idea how to resolve this. I used HH for over a year without this issue [however it occurred before] . Now it is driving me crazy. Please let me know on the fix.

Hi Igor,

ant news on the system freeze?

No, nothing so far. I tried to replicate it by running few slower devices with bunch of live streams to maybe ran it out of memory or something, but no.
Not sure if you mentioned it in some other thread previously, but can you give more details again about your setup:

  • device brand/model
  • number of dashboards/platforms on device
  • what kind of widgets you have, cameras (live streaming all the time), maps, etc.

Maybe there will be some clues in the usage.

Hi Igor,

  • Device is CHUWI Tabet 12" android 6:

  • Dashboards 2

  • Platforms: Home Assistant with mainly Fibaro z-wave integration

  • Camera Streams: 0 - not working, I have one i-frame with camera jpg refreshed every 15 seconds [this have rescaling issues i wrote about earlier]

  • no maps, widgets are mostly light switches from fibaro integartion from HA

The only thing I see that might have effect is an camera jpg in Web widget. Can you try disabling refresh temporarily and see if it changes anything?

@Bart_Warot 1.3 patch build is rolling out right now on beta channel that contains several fixed related to performance and memory consumption. When you have a chance, can you update and see if freezing still happens? Thanks!

Hi Igor,

Sorry for lack of reply. I was testing and changing some of the components.

  1. I changed camera stream to qnap qvr component in HA to skip difficult configuration in HA
  2. Above fixed the camera stream issues in HH [yeay], so now i have enentuall a live stream in HA and HH
  3. Tablet was not freezing anymore for a week until you rolled out version 1.3. Now i have the same issue as before 6h and my tablet is gone and frozen again - can you please send previous version on the app [link] so i can test if this is a version problem indeed.

Please note that my frustration with freezing app issue is reaching top levels. Imagine resetting your phone every 6h ?!

Thanks for understanding and your support.


Let me check if it is possible to downgrade to 1.2 without any issues. Will get back to you.

@Bart_Warot Please try 1.4 beta release when you get a chance and see if anything changed. Thanks

Hi Igor,

sorry but I have lost my eagerness to fight every 6 hours with the tablet. This has killed me.Freezes still occur.

I have swapped to HA official app for now. HA project is very lively and there are plenty possible addons and HACS available that HH lacks. I would have stayed, but it is simply INOPERABLE :frowning:

good luck