Imported dashboard using custom themes mixes up titles

I have a premium license. I am running the latest release of homehabit and home assistant.

I’ve created a 3 page dashboard using custom defined themes.

On the original Lenovo 10” tablet where I created the dashboard, everything looks as expected.

I exported the dashboard and imported it into a 10” samsung tablet.

Starting on page two of the dashboard, the titles for the buttons and the groups are shifted over to the next element.

Element titles are missing or shifted
to the next element in an inconsistent pattern. For instance, the coordinates used in the weather map are missing.

Any ideas on how to fix?

@rugene Did you export/import through options in Settings?

yes, through the app.
I’ve just completely removed the app, cleared the cache and data and re installed.
Now it seems ok, go figure.

BTW, I am still having trouble getting Govee to login and a similar issue with reolink

That’s good. I was going to ask you to re-import it and see if that helps. Some users had this issue when using Remote Admin, but I didn’t hear this happening on import until now.

For Govee and Reolink, can you enable debug mode for both integrations (in Integrations screen, integration action menu), and then upload debug logs again?